Let's foster the art of acting and thinking together by improving dialogue as a stance. Learn new tools for dialogic facilitation and develop your own personal leadership and communication styles in Stakeholder Collaboration.

Your key take aways

  • Enhance your current levels of competence for dialogue and inquiry
  • Develop your ability to anchor dialogic practices in your stakeholder engagement at all levels
  • Empower yourself to develop your presence and stay more present, relaxed and focused in demanding situations

Self-observation, peer-reviews and our professional feedback will guide you through the journey of improving your communication. Come with your (cross-sector) team and enhance the qulity of your team communication.

What is the art of dialogue?

The course The Art of Dialogue aims at fostering the art of thinking together by improving dialogue as a stance. It enhances the participant’s competency to build consensus and commitment for implementation and outcome-orientation. It also equips the participants with a range of pragmatic and effective facilitation methods, that enables them to navigating the unpredictable, sometimes conflictual, dynamics of multi-stakeholder engagement processes. The Art of Dialogue is the ability to make things happen through and with others in a way that enables an ongoing constructive conversation between all actors. It is built on the general approach to facilitation, but it does not necessarily require an outside person to do the facilitation. The skills of facilitation need to be available for every person in the group. Particularly people in leadership positions need to acquire facilitation skills when they call for meetings, ask for feedback, try to understand a difficult situation, or want to help other people identify their challenges.

Tailor-made training

Customise our courses to your needs or to the needs of your stakeholder collaboration system. Our tailor-made trainings are highly oriented towards achieving concrete results, bring team members and partners into intense exchange, focus on project work, help bring strategic issues forward.

11 December - 14 December 2017

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The dialogic change model

The Dialogic Change Model was developed by the Collective Leadership Institute and is based on the experience of successfully implemented Stakeholder Dialogues. The four phases will guide you through complex processes with practical tools and will help you to design more successful cooperation with stakeholders.