Our tailor made trainings are highly oriented towards achieving concrete results. Bringing team members and partners into intense exchange. Project-focused work can help bring strategic issues forward and produce concrete results.

Key benefits

  • Improve Skills: learn to use the Dialogic Change Model
  • Manage complexity in projects
  • Bring different interest groups together
  • Learn how to engage stakeholders
  • Design result-oriented processes
  • Get high quality and sustainable results
  • Leverage collective intelligence
  • Develop dialogic facilitation skills


Training your team on location can reduce travel and location costs. The price per participant is thus drastically lower than for individual training courses. You can specify the location, dates and number of participants. Two of our expert trainers will be made available to implement your Tailor-made training.


A customised training will meet the specific development goals of your organization and will focus on the concrete challenges and tasks facing your team and partners. Interviews with you, your team and your partners help define the parameters for the training.

Team building

Bringing your team and partners together (max 26 participants) to work on a specific training goal can have a trickledown effect on how they continue to work together after the training. 

Throughout the course, participants partake actively in practical exercises based on their concrete needs, applying practical tools and thereby accomplishing tasks directly relevant to their work. The combination of theory, personal reflection and practical exercises helps build stronger trust and relationships within the group.