The art of collaboration

Solutions for sustainability challenges require collaboration between different actors - private sector companies and organisations, governments, and civil society. Working in silos is no longer an option. 

At the Collective Leadership Institute we stand for the quality of stakeholder dialogue and cooperation processes. We equip leaders with meaningful engagement tools and help build result-oriented process architectures.


A collaborative impact for sustainability requires a strong commitment to transformation, cooperation on the ground, enacting networks and exchanging best practices. Dialogue and cooperation across institutions, cultures, nations, regions, and continents will become the norm. It is our intention to widely disseminate our tested methodologies to make these collaborative efforts effective and successful.

STAKEHOLDERDIALOGUES.NET - A COMMUNITY FOR DIALOGIC CHANGE helps leaders to master the art of step-by-step engagement processes and builds a global network for dialogic change. You will find stories, comprehensive theory and practical e-learning exercises to accompany you on your learning journey to become a Stakeholder Dialogues expert.

Stakeholder Dialogues - Skills for better cooperation

Petra Kuenkel, Silvine Gerlach, Vera Frieg

If we did not need to communicate in groups, then we would not need to work on dialogue. But if problem solving and conflict resolution in groups is increasingly important in our complex world, then the skill of dialogue becomes one of the most fundamental of human skills.

Edgar Schein, 1993