Sustainability requires innovation on a large scale. We need to act and drive innovation in a context of understanding the world as an interconnected system and understanding humankind as a web of relationships. The challenges ahead cannot be addressed by singular solutions, territorial claims and individual intelligence alone.

With societal needs in mind, uncounted avenues for innovation are opening for companies, public institutions and civil organisations. As Collective Leadership Institute we empower people to jointly design responsible future action and make innovation a collaboration effort.

The challenges ahead

Sustainability challenges range from climate change, energy security, water scarcity, resource management to poverty, economic justice, food security, demographic change, and population growth. They will impact businesses, governments, and civil society for many years ahead.

The opportunities waiting

Realising sustainable development at an international level requires an improvement in living conditions for most people in the world. It would also ensure that progress happens within the limits and capacities of a functioning global ecosystem. Rethinking the way we co-create and exploring new models of economic development will take us into the future.

The art of resilience

In order to shape innovation for a sustainable future, it is essential to always consider the larger context of our action, stay responsive to the needs of the larger whole (the organisation, the company, the cooperation system, the world), and foster interaction in a mutually supportive way. It helps us to become a partner of evolution and learn the art of resilience.

Innovation is an individual or collective manifestation of future-oriented consciousness and not simply the product of an individual brain.

Discovering new ways

The exposure to different constructions of reality is paramount for our capacity to spot innovative solutions to the challenges of sustainability. But whatever we search for needs to be embedded in our ability to sense the whole, our capacity to open up to collective intelligence and our willingness to base our inventions and actions on our recognition of our own and others' humanity.

The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.

Thomas Carlyle