• ...is an art that can be learned.

    It helps making dialogue and collaboration more successful – in water resource management, economic transformation, social inclusion or technological innovation.

  • ...when we combine success with significance.

    We turn our company into green performance, drive-cross-sector change initiatives that tackle poverty or establish people-oriented government services.

  • ...starts small and can grow big.

    Tuning into future possibilities inspires – no matter if we encourage recycling, lead a global initiative for food safety or build continent-wide good governance architectures.

  • ...for the future of humankind.

    Working in silos is no longer an option, no matter, if we drive sustainability in the corporate world, in the public sector, in science or civil society organisations.

  • ...can become an asset.

    If we turn these challenges into opportunities by learning how to successfully operate in multi-actor settings, harness the art of dialogue and foster collective action.

  • ...is paramount.

    no matter, if we need to drive corporate responsibility across our company or want to change a global mind-set towards renewable energies

Upcoming events

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1

11 October - 14 October 2017
Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Art of Leading Collectively

26 October - 28 October 2017
Potsdam, Germany

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1

14 November - 17 November 2017
Berlin, Germany

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration 1

21 November - 24 November 2017
Cape Town, South Africa


Reading books can change our lives. Petra Künkel's ground-breaking book "The Art of Leading Collectively" and the management book "Führen mit Sinn" (in German) are the latest of several insightful publications we offer.

Find out more about all of them:

The ENTIRE Project

The ENTIRE project, funded by the European Union's Non-State Actors and Local Authorities-programme, empowers regional civil society networks to take an active role in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in the Southern Mediterranean region. The Collective Leadership Institute is one of the partners of ENTIRE.

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Our approach

The Collective Leadership Compass is a practice-oriented approach to leading complex change in multi actor settings. It empowers leaders to navigate collaboration successfully by attending to a pattern of interacting human competencies in the six dimensions.


The Collective Leadership Institute is the co-founder of The Partnering Alliance:

The objective of the Partnering Alliance is to develop open source best practice reference standards for multi-stakeholder collaboration that can be widely adopted by all sectors of society and support the highest quality and continuous improvement of the majority of types of cross-sector partnerships for development.