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Germany/worldwide - Trainings for Multi-Actor Partnerships (MAP)
MAP Online Training

Since 2016, CLI has been the expert for stakeholder dialogues and collaboration processes in the MAP programme. To enhance the design and implementation of collaboration processes with multiple stakeholders, bengo, on behalf of BMZ, offers capacity building through seminars and short focus sessions for German civil society actors and their local partners facilitated by the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI). In 2020, a new advanced training format and online seminars were introduced.

In 2023, the foundation and advanced online modules were updated, and trainings in Spanish and French were added to the MAP programme.

Project Facts:
Trainings for Multi-Actor Partnerships (MAP)

Project time: 2020, 2023

Sector(s): civil society

Main SDG: 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Stakeholders: German civil society organizations in the development sector and their international partners

Outcome: Civil society organisation leaders were trained either in establishing multi-stakeholder initiatives or enhancing already existing initiatives with the Dialogic Change Model.

CLI Project Manager: Theresa Kuschka

The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration

- 4 days of training
- core methodology: CLI Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: In person € 1,900 | online € 1,500
Registration status: CLOSED

16 October — 19 October 2023
Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH, Kurfürstenstraße, Potsdam, Germany
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Germany - Better Together: digital dialogue training and impact coaching for small NGOs and voluntary action groups
Better Together

CLI’s online training program Better Together is aimed at small NGOs and voluntary initiatives. It’s funded by Engagement Global and can therefore be offered completely free of charge. The goal is to expand the impact of the small NGOs projects and initiatives and to strengthen dialogic skills in digital spaces. Usually, CLI partners with the major players in development policy and supports large change projects in their process planning. Now, the Better Together program is intended to also provide the smaller players with the same methodologies and tools to expand their dialogue and collaboration structures.

Project Facts:
Better Together: digital dialogue training & impact coaching for small NGOs and voluntary action groups

Project time: 2022-2023

Sector(s): civil society

Main SDG: 4 Quality Education

Stakeholders: small NGOs and voluntary initiatives working in development cooperation (CIGS – Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity)

Outcome: A kick-off session outling the main features to the stakeholders has been conducted, four online training modules on the Dialogic Model complemented by self-paced online modules will be conducted in 2023, along with individual coaching sessions to further enhance the outreach and impact of participants’ projects.

CLI Project Managers: Theresa Kuschka, Alina Gruen, Martin Fielko

The Art of Leading Collectively

- 4 days of online-training
- core methodology: CLI Collective Leadership Compass
- tuition fee: € 375 per online presence day
Registration status: CLOSED

4 May — 12 May 2023
Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH, Kurfürstenstraße, Potsdam, Germany
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Germany/worldwide - Digital Peer-Learning Program
DIGIPEER project Learnspace session June 2020

Participants from Cilvil Society learn about and build their capacities regarding practical development topics and approaches to stakeholder collaboration supported by digital dialogue platforms, including how the latter can be used to improve international cooperation. DIGIPEER started in December, 2019 and is a free of cost program for German development NGOs and their implementation partners.

Project Facts:
Digital Peer-Learning Program DIGIPEER

Project time: 2019-2020

Sector(s): civil society

Main SDG: 17 Partnerships for the goals

Stakeholders: German development NGOs and their international implementation partners

Outcome: A study on how digital dialogue can be enhanced was conducted, in total six online seminars took place, key players of German development NGOs and their project partners were equipped with digital dialogue tools

CLI Project Managers: Sabine Heckmann, Ursula Ploetz

Russia/Belarus - Platform for Civil Society Dialogue
Building a platform for civil society dialogue in Russia and Belarus

In the beginning of June 2020, CLI started the project “Platform for Civil society Dialogue” with a three-day Kick-Off Workshop in cooperation with its Belarusian and Russian partners. The project focuses on the development of a dialogue platform between representatives of Russian and Belarusian civil society organizations who are engaged in the social sector, particularly in inclusion and strengthening rights of marginalized social groups such as women, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens.

Project Facts:
Platform for Civil Society Dialogue

Project time: 2020-2022

Sector(s): civil society

Main SDG: 17 Partnerships

Stakeholders: CSOs from Russia and Belarus who are active in the social sector, for each country one partner NGO

Outcome: Increased opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the organizations’ representatives, a constructive dialogue and cooperation structure among civil society organizations in Belarus and Russia, promoted discussion of values.

CLI Project Managers: Alina Gruen, Martin Fielko, Theresa Kuschka, Andi Shehu

Russia, Sweden, Germany - Online study tour "Partnerships Matter"

CLI conducted an online study tour called “Partnerships Matter – Implementation of Multi Stakeholder Cooperation Tools for Sustainable Development” for Russian NGOs and their Swedish and German counterpartsin June 2020. The participants learned about the methodology of the Dialogic Change Model, exchanged with practitioners from four German NGOs, and formulated concrete next steps for the working group “civic participation for sustainable development” of the forum. This project was funded by EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

Webinar recording: study tour summary
Project Facts:

Project time: 2020

Sector(s): civil society

Main SDG: 17 Partnerships for the goals

Stakeholders: Experienced leaders of 4 Russian NGOs, 1 Swedish, 1 German NGOs, their beneficiaries, and 4 experts on partnerships from German NGOs

Outcome: A resource paper on partnerships methodologies and tools was published, the trust and will to collaborate among Russian and EU NGOs increased, a concrete work plan until May 2021 to increase SDG awareness within the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum and beyond was developed.

CLI Project Managers: Alina Gruen, Ursula Ploetz, Martin Fielko

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