The CLI Transformative Partnership Award
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Celebrate excellence
of efforts and skills behind succesful partnerships

Partnership approaches continue to find too little application and attention. As a rule, partnership prizes are still awarded purely for results, instead of for the development of quality processes and methods towards sustainable results. Events that are difficult to predict, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, show us that process and system skills for partnerships area key competence that strengthens resilience, and that shows sustainable solutions to the complex goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The CLI would like to fill this gap, and for this reason has launched its Transformative Partnership Award


An award for projects and initiatives worldwide that drive transformative change through a multi-stakeholder approach and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

What the award recognizes

The award is conferred to partnerships and programs with remarkable achievements during the two years preceding the current one. Applicants to the award must be an organization or institution with not-for-profit or charitable status. They have to be official partners in the partnership, but do not have to be the lead organization. There is no restriction as to where the project takes place, or whether it is local, national, supra-regional or global in scope.

The winning institution/organization demonstrates that their partnership successfully contributed to transformative change related to sustainability, meeting several or all of the following criteria:

  • Developed a partnership action that contributed to one or more SDGs in a multi-stakeholder collaboration with stakeholders from at least two sectors (public, private, civil society)
  • Created value for all stakeholders involved that is reflected in joint strategies and implementation plans
  • Ensured ownership, inclusive communication and governance across all key stakeholders in the partnership
  • Creates innovative results that actively embed the partnership action in larger sustainability transformation efforts
Award prizes

The CLI Transforamtive Partnership award will hand out main prizes for the first three places:

  1. First place: €10,000 as contribution to own funds in a partnership initiative or for capacity building
  2. Second place: A project employee or a project partner can take part in the online certification free of charge,
  3. Third place: A project employee or a project partner can take part in an online/hybrid training course free of charge.

All shortlisted nominees will receive a digital badge for their online presence.

For the upcoming award, a representative of all three nominated partnerships will also be invited to the award ceremony in Potsdam on April 19, 2024, for the kick-off event of the Transformation Literacy Conference 2024.


Application process and deadlines

Organizations can submit their partnerships for the 2023 award via the CLI’s online academy here until 31 August 2023. Selected organizations will then be invited to send more detailed descriptions of their partnerships until 31 December 2023. All information has to be submitted in English or German. Supporting documents may also be in French or Spanish.

Questions about the application process can be addressed to Please understand that we only answer questions about the application process and do not carry out a preliminary check of the content.

Apply with your partnership

Start your application process for the 2024 award in CLI's online academy here

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Apply with your partnership

Start your application process for the 2024 award in CLI's online academy here

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