The Art of Dialogue – online
Practice Dialogic Facilitation for Consensus Building
14 December 9:00 am — 18 December 2020 4:00 pm

- 4 days of online-training
- core methodology: CLI Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: € 350 per online presence day
Registration status: CLOSED

For experienced trainers and facilitators or for people who participated in one of the other open courses already and who wish to improve their dialogic facilitations skills, The Art of Dialogue offers plenty of opportunities. Learn about new tools for dialogic facilitation and develop your own personal leadership and communication styles in Stakeholder Collaboration. Self-observation, peer-reviews and our professional feedback will guide you through the journey of improving your communication. Come with your (cross-sector) team and enhance the quality of your team communication.


  • Enhance your current levels of competence for dialogue and communication
  • Develop your ability to anchor dialogic practices in your stakeholder engagement at all levels
  • Empower yourself to develop your presence and stay more present, relaxed and focused in demanding situations


Language of instruction: ENGLISH.


+++ Important information for all course participants +++

Please consider our new policy on the open courses: This training will take place online. The training schedule for online presence days is:

14 December: The Principles of Dialogic Facilitation

15 December: The Power of Listening and Inquiry

17 December: The Power of Process and Structure to Prepare Meetings and Workshops

18 December: Practicing Facilitation for Consensus Building

Participants’ feedback from CLI’s online open courses conducted since May 2020 have proven a similar satisfaction rate with the course contents and facilitation like our in-person workshops (see satisfaction rates in the online learning section). While the content and individual reflection parts of the training are at the same level in CLI’s online trainings, the knowledge transfer even works better for most participants than in classroom trainings. Only group dynamic processes are less developed in the online formats, due to less socializing possibilities. However, all participants so far felt strongly connected to the training group and appreciated peer learning activities. So feel free to make best use of tried and tested high-quality stakeholder collaboration and collective leadership methodologies in new formats while the world keeps changing.

If you cannot participate because the technology does not work out for you, of course you get your money back or a voucher for the next online course. The best way to ensure a smooth online experience is to request a test session with us in advance. This also gives you the chance to talk in advance on your projects, challenges, skills, etc. that you would like to address with the CLI training.

If you have questions on our online open course policy, feel free to get in touch with martin.fielko[at]

Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“Very valuable and insightful to developing skills needed to improve and generate meaningful conversations that lead to concrete changes.” – Technical Advisor, Namibia

“Models and tools that I find very helpful and fitting for the work in which I’m engaged.” – Senior Lecturer, USA

“CLI provides excellent concepts and material and professional facilitators.” – Freelance Consultant, Germany

“It awakens our sense of humanity and enables to see impediments that we normally place before ourselves thereby inhibiting quality of our communication.” – Deputy Programme Manager, Kenya

“Holistic and practical.” – Strategist, Netherlands


The Art of Dialogue
14, 15, 17, 18 December (4 days of online presence)
EUR 350 per online presence day