Towards wellbeing on a healthy planet
Fostering a femxle*-led transformation network for a new economic architecture
Strategizing transformative change
Competence building modules

The 36×36 project is about claiming the future. We are staging the power of the next generation of global femxle professionals. This is catalyzing a femxle-led transformation network and brings together change-makers from all over the world to develop the pillars for our economic future.

Humanity is at a crossroads. We are faced with a global pandemic, climate crisis and widening inequality, all stemming from our unjust and unsustainable economic system. We cannot solve these crises by using the thinking that caused them in the first place. We urgently need new visionary economic thinkers and change-makers who can build a balanced economy that unites a diversity of approaches and fosters human flourishing and wellbeing on a healthy planet

What makes transformation networks successful?
Transformation networks are networks of people or institutions connected that work complementary towards transformative systems change

Do your own network assessment with the Collective Leadership Compass.
➔ Download the sheet and fill out the evaluation column.
➔ Get together in your network and take the assessment as a basis of strategizing and improving your impact.

Module 1: Resonance building and engagement approaches

This module will support you to develop and deepen a shared language within the group of global femxle professionals, to  define and frame the exchanges around key questions in new economic approaches that the future needs, and explore the needs the femxle transformation network has to address

Key take-aways: You will

  • Define the most promising case for change in the field of new economic approaches, and what the key questions in new economic approaches at the heart of it are
  • Explore tested strategies to build engagement for transformative change and use them to develop actions steps to create resonance for state-of-the art thematic exchanges around the key questions
  • Assess where you are, define what is present and what is needed in your individual and collective leadership capacity to bring about transformation in new economic thinking and its practical approaches
Module 2: Creating solid foundations for transformation networks - systems diagnosis and theory of change

This module will take a deep dive into the foundation for building transformation networks towards success and influence. It will equip you with practical skills for understanding the context for transformative change, and support you to structure network-building exchanges around new economic approaches with the lens of guiding principles for systems aliveness.

Key take-aways: You will

  • Develop your collaboration journey towards building a transformation network for new economic approaches around network enablers
  • Understand how to use a stakeholder analysis and use it as a basis for developing a theory of change for transformative impact
  • Define key action steps to set up collective action teams for the next steps in the process towards developing a new economic architecture


Module 3: Structural change and planning collective action

This module will support you to share implementation strategies around your prototypes, prepare public dialogues and respective media outreach in preparation of the manifesto launch, and define key elements for local and global exchange and activities of the femxle transformation network  

Key take-aways: You will

  • Review your insights from testing prototypes towards establishing key structural elements that anchor the practice towards an implementation that ensures thriving and enlivening collective implementation
  • Use the six transformation enablers for sustainability to outline the pillars of the manifesto of a new economic architecture
  • Define the key elements of your femxle transformation network that ensures its transformative nature and supports you beyond the launch of the manifesto
Module 4: Systems understanding and transformative intervention strategies

This module will support you to bring the manifesto alive around concrete practice projects  based on the prototypes, to develop strategic networking and influencing activities to upscale them, and to launch the manifesto that connects it to the people and institutions that matter for its continuation and implementation on a global scale

Key take-aways: You will

  • Apply the six transformation enablers for sustainability to design the expansion of the manifesto
  • Refine the structural elements and develop activities for the next round of testing, prototyping and living the new economic architecture at the heart of the manifesto
  • Develop your plans for mutual support as the next generation of femxle professionals and for upscaling the network
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Network Partners

This project is realized in collaboration with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and the Schumacher Institute, and funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation

*In response to a global trend the term femxle/ womxn is used throughout this project to be inclusive and encompass all persons identifying as female/ woman.