Transformation Literacy Conference week
2024 Theme: Localizing SDG Transformations
22 April 2:00 pm — 26 April 2024 4:30 pm

- 3 conference days (22, 24, 26 April)
- online networking opportunities
- free of charge for ticket holders
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The case for change

Human activity is exceeding planetary boundaries, the very systems that make life on Earth possible. Food, water, and energy systems are threatened, as well as healthcare, education, and social services, and democracy, justice, and peace.

Efforts to drive sustainability transformations need to connect local, national, and regional efforts. Identifying ways for the Global Goals to truly go ‘glocal’ is pivotal for their achievement. Indeed, a diverse multitude of networks, communities of practice, initiatives, partnerships, and global transformation projects aim to do just that. Their approaches to localizing SDG contributions are as varied as their diverse forms.

This year, CLI’s Transformation Literacy Conference focuses on how different forms of transformation efforts, such as networks, partnerships, and global meta-collaborations – all contribute to localizing the SDGs.

You are free to choose whether your would only like to participate a single session, or the whole conference week. With your ticket you have access to all online sessions and networking opportunities.

What is Transformation Literacy - a CLI perspective (part of the TLConference 2024)
Sessions 22 - 26 April

Monday, 22 April 2024 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET (TLC welcome session at 1:30pm)

Localizing SDGs through Collaborative Initiatives and Partnerships:
How do multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships at multiple levels contribute to localizing SDG impacts?

Our first day together explores how multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships align goals and activities, and often pool resources for joint action. Key questions discussed are: How can multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives best contribute to the global goals? What makes them transformative? What do such forms look like at different geographical levels?

Watch the entire first session: "Localizing SDGs through Collaborative Initiatives and Partnerships."
Absa Mbodj
MSP on Agroecology Officer at Enda Pronat

"Are national and local partnership networks contributing to sustainable development in West Africa? Perspective of DyTAES experience in Senegal."

Learn more about Absa
Gina Bonne
Chargée de mission / Head, Department of Environment and Climate Change at Indian Ocean Commission

"Regional cooperation among a diversity of actors in the Western Indian Ocean."

Learn more about Gina
Kostiantyn Krynytskyi
Head of Energy Department Centre of Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction

"Fostering Partnerships for Green Transition - From Coal Regions to Green Reconstruction Futures."

Learn more about Kostiantyn

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET

Localizing SDGs in Exchange Networks and Communities of Practice:
How can networks of peer learning and exchange, SDG communities, and Communities of Practice contribute to localizing SDG impacts?

The second day focuses on how peer learning networks, Communities of Practice and other types of exchange networks offer space for joint reflection, consultation and even coordinating action. Key questions discussed are: How can peer networks and CoPs best contribute to the global goals? What makes them transformative? What do such forms look like at different geographical levels?

Watch the entire second session: "Localizing SDGs in Exchange Networks and Communities of Practice."
ErnstJan Stroes
Programme Manager Connect for Global Change at Wilde Ganzen and Secretary at European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity

"The role of organised citizens in the sustainable transformation of local communities and how European service NGOs support this."

Learn more about ErnstJan
Dr. Zodwa Dlamini
Founding Network Leadership Council Member at Women in Water Diplomacy Network

"Enhancing the collective capacity and genuine involvement of women water leaders in decision making and peacebuilding processes in transboundary basins."

Learn more about Zodwa
Any Sulistyowati
Founder Perkumpulan Kuncup Padang Ilalang (KAIL)

"Rumah KAIL: A center for experiencing sustainability practices and applying systems thinking for community transformations across Indonesia."

Learn more about Any

Friday, 26 April 2024 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET (wrap-up session until 4:30pm)

Localizing SDGs through Transformation Networks and Meta-Collaboration:
How do large, collaborative networks and projects across different countries or regions in the world contribute to localizing SDG impacts?

Our last day together focuses on how large, collaborative networks and projects spanning regions and countries emerge more frequently with the urgency of the climate crisis. Key questions discussed are: How can transformation networks and meta-collaborations best contribute to the global goals? What makes them transformative? What do such forms look like at different geographical levels?

Watch the entire second session: "Localizing SDGs Transformation Networks and Meta-Collaboration."
Daniela Bolivar
Communication and Marketing Consultant for Organizations with mandates in Entrepreneurship & Impact Investment

"Networks for social entrepreneurship across Latin America."

Learn more about Daniela
Jiska Gojowczyk
Project Coordinator at SÜDWIND-Institute

"Improving the health of female workers and other marginalized groups in India’s and Indonesia’s garment and footwear sectors through dialogue structures and deeper knowledge on a gender lens in occupational health and safety."

Learn more about Jiska
Beatriz Waldmann
Project Manager at NABU Germany

"Addressing various challenges in the Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia, including invasive species, the climate crisis, circular economy and actively supporting reforestation."

Learn more about Beatriz

Each of the 2h conference sessions is interactive and follows this structure:

  • Framing by CLI
  • Inspiration from the network: practitioners, partners, donors
  • Discussion
  • Networking among participants in the online event space

An in-person event in Potsdam, Germany, on 19 April evening will kick-off the Transformation Literacy Conference 2024 and share stories of transformation and a special surprise for invited guests. Furthermore, the Transformative Partnership Award ceremony will take place at this event.

If you receive an invitation, please reserve your ticket soon, as places are limited.

LESSONS & INSIGHTS from Localizing SDGs (Transformation Literacy Conference 2024 Wrap-up Session)
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22, 24, 26 April 2024
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  • Learn more about Transformation Literacy in the context of Localizing SDG Transformations
  • Get to know experts and practitioners and explore their findings
  • Connect with high-profile professionals from the civil society-, public-, private-, and research sector
  • Develop your network for strategizing transformative change (we expect up to 500 conference participants during the TLC week 2024)
  • Contribute to SDG implementation and the systemic change from dominator to partnership models.
Pitch your SDG localization idea!

CLI invites you to participate the “Pitch your SDG localization idea!” opportunity. We will have a place at this year's conference where participants can see your idea or project. If you have an idea on localizing SDG transformations that you want to share, please fill in the short application form. Please do so only after you have already registered to the conference. More instructions will come when you click on the form below.

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#TLC 2024 in figures

426 registrations – 306 participations – 80 countries represented

Registration and participation details (last update 30 April 2024):

  • 393 online registrations + 33 in-person kick-off registrations
  • 244 online session participants + 60 in-person participants (47 in Germany for Kick-off Potsdam and Watch Party Konstanz + 13 in Ukraine for Watch Party Kyiv)
  • 80 countries: 37% Europe – 31% Africa – 16% Asia – 14% The Americas – 2% Oceania
  • Professional level of participants: 8% Executives, Management, Directors – 18% Middle-Management, Project Coordinators – 66% Staff, Consultants – 3% Students, Trainees, Interns – 6% did not disclose their professional level
  • Sectors represented: Civil Society 52% – Private Sector 20% – Research & Education 15% – Public Sector 14%

Organisations (selection): Action Medeor, ADRA, Africa Emancipation Movement, German Chambers of Foreign Trade (AHK), Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, American University of Central Asia, BMWBF (Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research Austria), Bonn University, Brandeis University, Brunel University London, Cairo University, Catholic Relief Services, CARE, CGIAR, CENN, Chôra Foundation, Community Alliance for Global Justice, DANIDA, DARPE, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum, Engagement Global, Fair Toys Organisation, FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization, Foundation for Good Governance and Democratic Initiative, Fukui University of Technology, Future4care, GFA Consulting Group, Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Global Innovation Gathering, Global Knowledge Initiative, Humana,, Institute of Circular Economy Development , International Evaluation Academy, International University of Management Namibia, KISK Masaryk University, Kozminski University, Land for Life, Leibniz IÖR, Lidl, Mercy Corps, Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services Brazil, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Madagscar, Ministry of Finance Tunisia, MIS GmbH, NABU, Network Weaving Institute, Palawan State University, Pan African University, ProjectTogether, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Rhodes University, Rights and Rice Foundation, Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA), Society for Planet and Prosperity, Soros Foundation, Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Telkom University, Terre des hommes, Transformations Community, German Environment Agency (UBA), Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung (UFZ), UNDP, UN ECLAC, UNESCO, UN Habitat, UNSSC, UN Volunteers (UNV), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University of Adelaide, University of Nigeria, University of New South Wales, Weltfriedensdienst, Welthungerhilfe, Western University Canada, Wilde Ganzen, WWF, York University

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Transformation Literacy Conference 2024: Kick-off in Potsdam 19 April
Transformation Literacy Conference week 2024 - registration

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22, 24, 26 April 2024
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