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Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself

Leo Tolstoi
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Talk about Collective Leadership in your own network, empower people around you, convince your organisation to act for more sustainability in leadership, share your thoughts about Collective Leadership with us, tell us about your own change initiative, let us find ways of building capacity in your country, region, organisation, or company.

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Regular dialogue events bring people from different sectors and backgrounds together to exchange on Collective Leadership themes or across an array of topical issues.

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Become a Stakeholder Engagement Expert: work, consult, or invigorate your network for dialogic change with the Collective Leadership Compass and the Dialogic Change Model.

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CLIs courses in stakeholder collaboration and collective leadership are tried and tested. Find out about these courses in open or tailor-made formats.

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As an international organization or a local stakeholder dialogue promoter, you can be trained by the Collective Leadership Institute to facilitate complex stakeholder processes in order to convey CLI’s methodology to the key stakeholders you work with.

An official partnership is the privileged way of cooperation with the Collective Leadership Institute. It consists of a mutual agreement to cooperate and work together in our fields of competence.

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If you or your organization is interested in gaining collective leadership facilitation skills and teach them to others, get in touch with us!

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