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Building Peace from the Inside Out

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Social conflict and war – and the collective trauma they leave in their wake - are a daily reality for too many people around the world.

Young peacebuilders living in such settings often lack support, both in terms of looking inward to address their own challenges and looking outward to collectively lead peacebuilding dialogues, initiatives, and networks.

This program seeks to make a meaningful contribution to supporting up to 10 diverse, young champions for peace. It seeks to help participants identify pathways for working toward greater peace in themselves, while enhancing their work for peace in their communities.

Expert facilitators will host experiential archetypal dreamwork sessions exclusively for selected Young Peacebuilders. These are woven into an open Collective Leadership Specialist workshop series together with diverse, mid-career and senior sustainability professionals.

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Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 30 April 2024.

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What can you learn?

The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) and North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork (NoE) will support you in learning to:

  • Enliven your own leadership capacities while navigating complex stakeholder landscapes and systems.
  • Look for the doorways through old hurts and fears to your own source of strength and healing.
  • Understand how change initiatives can be co-created to build trust, ownership, and commitment for successful impact.
  • Design and apply a theory of change for stewarding collaborative networks and strategies for peacebuilding.
What is the schedule?

22 May 2024:
among Young Peacebuilders and organizers

25 to 28 June:

Focuses on the Collective Leadership Compass, an assessment and planning tool for navigating complex challenges and enlivening individual and collaboration ecosystem leadership. It will help Young Peacebuilders to develop a shared language for leading collectively, assess individual and community strengths, and plan onward process steps to enhance collective leadership among involved actors.

10 September, 1 and 22 October: 
North of Eden will introduce their approach to dreams and dreamwork as a path to inner states of peace and support. Facilitators will lead three sessions of experiential Archetypal Dreamwork exclusively for Young Peacebuilders in which they will learn to look for the doorways through old hurts and fears to their own source of strength and healing.

5 to 8 November:

Focuses on the Dialogic Change Model, a collaborative process methodology for designing and implementing collaborative initiatives. Perfect for Young Peacebuilders, it teaches how to co-create partnerships; foster trust, ownership, and commitment; and increase the likelihood of success. Ideal for initiatives needing meaningful engagement among diverse stakeholders.

16 to 19 December:

Empowers Young Peacebuilders to design impactful networks of changemakers by applying the Collective Leadership Compass and Dialogic Change Model to developing a robust theory of change. Guides participants in creating innovative strategies for driving systems change, fostering collaboration for peace, and achieving shared community visions.

22 Jan 2025:
among Young Peacebuilders and organizers

Further details on the format of these sessions and workshops can be found at the bottom of t his page.

What are the benefits?

The program provides Young Peacebuilders a safe space for exploring dreams together and to work toward greater inner peace. Dreams offer us the gift of self awareness and healing of past wounds so that we can live more fully with joy, clarity, and sense of purpose. Young Peacebuilders will have opportunities to build mutually-supportive relationships with one another.

Young Peacebuilders learn how to apply a proven language and methodologies for collective leadership to enliven peacebuilding dialogues, initiatives, and networks. These are detailed in CLI’s recent, open source  publication, Leading Transformative Change Collectively: A practitioner guide for realizing the SDGs. Successfully completing CLI’s 3 workshops certifies participants as Collective Leadership Specialists.

Certified Specialists are invited to join CLI’s diverse, intergenerational, and global Community of Practice. This includes regular online events for ongoing exchange, learning, and mutual support on applying collective leadership approaches in practice, co-organized by Specialists and CLI.

Who can apply?
Eligibility criteria

Diverse people from around the world are encouraged to apply! Applicants must fulfill these requirements:

Between 20-35 years old (on 22 March 2024)

Able to speak English well (at least a B2 level)

From a conflict or post-conflict setting. We define “conflict” broadly to include all forms of societal conflict, for example poverty, injustice, and inequality, as well as violent conflict.

Available for all scheduled sessions and workshop days (see schedule, above)

Able to access reliable technology and Internet to participate in all online sessions

Able to secure 1.000 Euro to pay the reduced participant fee. If this is a hardship for you and you meet all other eligibility criteria, please tell us in your application form.

Selection criteria

If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, we will decide who is admitted to the program based on the following criteria, with due consideration given to ensuring a diverse group of Young Peacebuilders:

Peacebuilding Work
Actively working for peace in a conflict or post-conflict setting, for example through a formal or informal peace-oriented organization, community group, network, or initiative.

Open and interested in sharing and discussing personal dreams you may be having in a safe space with NoE facilitators and other Young Peacebuilders. Interested to learn and apply collective leadership concepts and models from CLI to enhance your peacebuilding work.

Apply to Participate in the Program

Please complete the online form, below, by 22 March 2024.
Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 30 April 2024.

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How to apply and how is the program funded?

Please complete this online application form by Friday, 22 March 2024. The form asks questions relevant to the above criteria. Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 30 April 2024.

The total per-person cost for conducting the program is 4,800 Euro. A generous grant from the Still Point Fund and in-kind donations from NoE and CLI mean that participants are asked to pay 1,000 Euro each. This amount can be transferred in up to 3 installments. If paying the full 1,000 Euro is a hardship for you, but you meet all other criteria, please tell us in your application form.

Who are the facilitators?
Cholpon Aitakhunova
Collective Leadership Institute

Germany / Kyrgyzstan

Christa Lancaster
North of Eden (NoE)

United States

Dominic Stucker
Collective Leadership Institute


Elisabeth Kühn
Collective Leadership Institute


Lulekwa Gqiba
Collective Leadership Institute

South Africa

Mark Bregman
North of Eden (NoE)

United States

Who is hosting the programme?

Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) is an international non-profit organisation with offices in Germany and South Africa. We build competence and empower people globally to apply our methodologies of dialogic change and collective leadership for sustainability and peace. CLI was founded in 2005 and has 6,500+ alumni in 124+ countries, plus a diverse, global Community of Practice of certified Collective Leadership Specialists. CLI has contributed to 70+ transformation projects around the world to help realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork (NoE) was founded by Christa Lancaster and Marc Bregman. They have conducted archetypal dreamwork retreats for 20 years, creating safe, therapeutic group spaces that support people to open to the learning in their dreams, to grow, and to heal. They are highly experienced in working with trauma through dreamwork and have brought archetypal dreamwork to the Esalen Institute and Kripalu in the United States, as well as to the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

Still Point Fund is a non-profit family foundation registered in the United States whose vision encompasses the needs of women and children, food insecurity, climate change innovations, theater and documentary film, and educational organizations dedicated to literacy and leadership.  

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact CLI Managing Partner, Dominic Stucker:

Program Schedule Details

The Orientation Call, NoE sessions, and the final Reflection Call are all conducted online for a period of 90-120 minutes. These sessions are exclusively for Young Peacebuilders and the exact timing will be determined based on the timezones of participants. Given that we want to have a diverse range of participants from around the world, please know that these sessions may occur in the very early morning hours or late in the evening in your country.

The CLI workshops are open, 4-day, hybrid courses during which Young Peacebuilders can interact with one another and other sustainability professionals from around the world. The courses are scheduled to be most convenient for African / European timezones, so Young Peacebuilders in the Americas would need to get up very early, while those in Asia and Oceania would need to stay up late.

If you wish, you may participate in hybrid CLI workshops in-person in Potsdam, Germany, but you would be responsible for all costs related to travel, accommodations, and visa, plus 500 Euro per course to cover the venue, materials, refreshments, and meals.

Apply to Participate in the Program

Please complete the online form, below, by 22 March 2024.
Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 30 April 2024.

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