Young Leaders for Sustainability
The World is Changing. So is Leadership.
1 January 9:00 am — 31 December 2019 4:00 pm

- 3 training modules 4 days each
- core methodology: CLI Collective Leadership Compass
- tuition fee: tbc
Registration status: NOT OPENED YET - If you are interested in participating contact martin.fielko[at]

Young professionals learn how to turn challenges of complexity, uncertainty, or sustainability into opportunities by using a unique set of skills around the Collective Leadership Compass, get the support of a network of change makers, and find a space for creativity and innovation.

Module 1

  • Exploring leadership
  • The Collective Leadership Compass
  • Compass dimensions covered: Wholeness, Innovation

Module 2

  • Inter-cultural communication
  • Teamwork
  • Compass dimensions covered: Engagement, Collective Intelligence

Module 3

  • Visioning
  • Self-awareness of leadership from collective perspectives
  • Compass dimensions covered: Future Possibilities, Humanity

Additional components

  • Webinars between each module
  • Participant will become part of the CLI Alumni Network