Project Teams Stakeholder Collaboration Course – Cape Town, South Africa
Designing Processes for Achieving Common Goals
22 October 9:00 am — 25 October 2024 4:00 pm

- 4 days of training
- core methodology: CLI Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: € 2,000 in-person (group discounts available)
Registration status: OPEN

Course description

Stakeholder Collaboration has been recognised as critical to finding solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. At CLI, we see Stakeholder Collaboration as the art of respectfully turning differences into progress. But as with all arts, there are skills you need to develop in order to succeed, to know when and how to use dialogue, and when to take action. In this course module, you will build your strategic abilities and implementation skills in stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and collaboration processes for high impact solutions.

Your key take-aways:

  • Learn how to successfully implement stakeholder collaboration through the application of the Dialogic Change Model
  • Understand the business case for co-creative stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how collective intelligence, commitment, and ownership can emerge
  • Produce a stakeholder network map to prioritise engagement activities
  • Develop new engagement strategies to minimise unproductive conflict and a methodology to create sustainable partnerships


The training schedule for presence days is:

22 October: Concept and Form of Stakeholder Dialogues
23 October: Exploring and Engaging for Stakeholder Dialogues
24 October: Building and Formalizing Stakeholder Dialogues
25 October: Implementing and Evaluating Stakeholder Dialogues, Sustaining and Expanding Impact


+++ Important information +++

This training is planned as an in-person event in Potsdam, Germany. It especially made for project teams of 3+ persons, or for participating with your project partners. Individual registrations are possible. However, we recommend to participate the hybrid Art of Stakeholder Collaboration course if you intend to participate on your own.

CLI reserves the right to change an in-person participation into an online participation if you do not get your visa on time or other short-term notice reasons prevent you from coming to the course venue. Furthermore, the same applies if new pandemic situations occur that do not allow your participation on-site. Registrations remain valid in any of the cases given. We will come back to you individually in such situations and find the best possible solutions together.

Facilitator and Participants
Meet your facilitator Lulekwa
Managing Director CLI South Africa and Senior Project Manager

You can rely on the deep expertise of CLI facilitators when participating an open course module. This course will be facilitated by Lulekwa Gqiba.

Learn more about Lulekwa

Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“It’s a systematic and practical approach that is very relevant to the daily work.” – Technical Advisor in Development Cooperation, Malawi

“The course helps to understand why some processes move on smoothly and why others don’t. Therefore each user can identify their needs, their successes, their challenges… and act accordingly.” – Communication Expert, Cameroon

“The course provides wider understanding and scope in what building effective stakeholder collaboration required than the current assumption of what many professionals think and know about stakeholders engagements, their significance and roles in organizational development.” – Chief Officer at Ministry, Kenya

Course impressions:

Project Teams Stakeholder Collaboration Course
Cape Town
22 - 25 October 2024
€ 2,000 (group discounts available)

Registration deadline: 17 September 2024

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Do you still have questions on this course? Feel free to contact Martin Fielko directly, or join our upcoming free information session:

Free information session Collective Leadership Specialist Programme

5 September 2024
2:00pm - 4:00pm Central European Time (CET)

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Course places available:

In the graphic below you can see if there are still enough places available in this course. If you plan to come and there are not enough places available anymore (especially if you come with a group), feel free to contact us anyway to search for alternative course options.


Project Teams Stakeholder Collaboration Course
Cape Town
22 - 25 October 2024
€ 2,000 (group discounts available)