Digital Peer-Learning for Civil Society
How can digitalization support stakeholder collaboration processes?

DIGIPEER” is a digital peer-learning capacity building program that helps German development NGOs (direct target group) and their international partners implement projects in a more collaborative, effective, and results-oriented manner. The programme is funded by Engagement Global on behalf of the Ministry for Development Cooperation (BMZ).

Participants learned about and build their capacities regarding practical topics, approaches to stakeholder collaboration, and virtual dialogue platforms, including how the latter can be used to improve international cooperation.

DIGIPEER started in December, 2019 and the funded part of the programme was closed in December 2020.

You can read about the structure of the programme from the first surveys, over the studies and the learning materials that resulted from the interactive workshops to an overview of the overall curriculum.

And you can explore digital opportunities with CLI. Enjoy exploring DIGIPEER!


In January 2020 we asked you about your opinion regarding the benefits or potential obstacles of digital dialogues for development cooperation. Your stories have been collected in the Digipeer Study 1. Your responses helped us to make our facilitation of the online seminars and 3D learnspaces interesting and relevant to your needs.

For the second study we wanted to see how your opinion on digital dialogues for development cooperation might have changed on the one hand and, on the other hand, understand how our DigiPeer program helped you in your work.
The Digipeer Study 2 was published in November 2020.

Digital Dialogues for Network Building and Collaboration

This CLI study gives an overview of the insights from the interviews and survey, as well as guiding thoughts and an overview of the capacity development programme.

Digital Dialogues for Network Building and Collaboration

This CLI study will reflect about the impact digital dialogues can have in order to enliven development cooperation, share experiences from this capacity building program and explore opportunities for the future.

DIGIPEER project Learnspace session June 2020
Learning Books
Digipeer Learning Book 1
Engaging people into preparatory conversations and engagement steps for building a cross-sector team

This CLI Digipeer Learning Book gives you an overview of the Aliveness concept, the idea of Collective Leadership and the Container for Change as well as explains the Dialogic Practices. It is based on our first online sessions.

Digipeer Learning Book 2
From the initiating team to an enlivened collaboration eco-system

This CLI Digipeer Learning Book gives you an overview of the concept of Stakeholder Collaboration Eco-Systems and Transformations as well as explains how to use the Collective Leadership Compass to bring aliveness into your work. It is based on our second online sessions.

Digipeer Learning Book 3
Cultivating a Culture of Learning through the Collective Leadership Compass for Joint Collaboration

This CLI Digipeer Learning Book gives you an overview of what we understand by a Culture of Learning, how implicit Theories of Thinking are influencing our learning, and why a generative Dialogue is important to enliven your learning. It is based on our third online sessions.

Placeholder Timeline
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CLI virtual office
Virtual CLI showroom

The 360° showroom is a virtual space to get to know the Collective Leadership Insitute (CLI). It is exclusively illustrated for CLI as imagined office by a lake to reflect the actual location of the German office in Potsdam (Dutch Quarter) but also to reflect some wishful thinking of being close to lakes and rivers.
This room will also change and expand from time to time.

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Digital opportunities with CLI

Even after December 2020, DIGIPEER’s insights and findings have a significant effect on digital tools and methodologies supporting international development cooperation. This included:


On 15  and 16 June 2021, the DIGIPEER project is presented in the Global Village section at the European Development Days. Engage with us at EDD to find out more or to book your virtual tour! Chat with us, send us a message, or book a meeting.

Benefits for those who come to our virtual stand:

  • Explore and get insights on the DIGIPEER project.
  • Learn about CLI and its methodologies.
  • Get access to free online sessions and tools!

Find our virtual stand here: https://eudevdays.eu/community/sessions/4385/digipeer-digital-peer-learning-for-csos-in-development-cooperation.


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