The Art of Leading Collectively – Germany
Navigating Complex Change for Collective Action
27 June 9:00 am — 29 June 2022 4:00 pm

- 3 days of training
- core methodology: CLI Collective Leadership Compass
- tuition fee: € 1,700
Registration status: CLOSED

Are you starting a complex cooperation project, or are you in the midst of one you want to improve? Do you need to shift the mind-set of stakeholders toward collaboration, or to find new ways to overcome challenges? Do you need to arrive at tangible outcomes in a short time frame?

This course module will help you to implement more outcome oriented and constructive co-creation on a day to day basis for yourself, your team, your organisation, and your change initiative with diverse stakeholders. It equips dedicated change makers in public and private sector, as well as civil society organisations with a tool for better co-creation. The dimensions of collective leadership can be learned and enhanced – individually and collectively.

The tool presented in The Art of Leading Collectively – the Collective Leadership Compass – helps you to keep your collaboration journey on track and to find the necessary course corrections.


  • Know how to prepare for your collaboration journey.
  • Assess where you are, define what is present and what is missing.
  • Map the path, adjust strategies, and know what to shift, to strengthen, or to focus on.
  • Convince colleagues and partners that leading collectively will ease the management of complex change.
  • Take the content of the book ‘The Art of Leading Collectively’ into the practice of outcome-oriented and constructive co-creation.


The training schedule for presence days is:

27 June: Shifting the Paradigm, Mobilizing Your Assets to Lead Collectively
28 June: Building Momentum for Collective Leadership, Entering the World of Collaboration
29 June: Driving the Future Together, the Building Blocks of Collaborative Success


+++ Important information +++

This training is re-scheduled with the option of an in-person event in Berlin, Germany.

CLI reserves the right to change this training into an online only format if the pandemic situation does not allow your participation on-site. Registrations remain valid. We will come back to you individually in such situations and find the best possible solutions together.

Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“The course shows how to deal with the complexity of collaboration.” – CEO, Switzerland

“It offers relevant tools with adequate flexibility for professional leadership but also for continuous life improvement.” – Deputy Project Head, Ghana

“Reassuring and inspiring; so much needed if we want to address changing systems and lift collaboration to another level.” – Project Manager, Jordan

“Aliveness from a system to the heart!” – Public Sector Director, Netherlands

“It’s the best holistic and integral approach and method I know about.” – Business Coach, Germany


The Art of Leading Collectively
Berlin, Germany
27, 28, 29 June 2022 (3 days of presence)
EUR 1,700


If you want to explore the Art of Leading Collectively in more detail and ask your questions on the course in advance, CLI provides free information sessions on the  Collective Leadership Specialist Programme regularly. The last session took place on 5 May.

You can find below the dates for the next sessions. If you are interested in “the Art of Leading Collectively” course format, register and choose “the Collective Leadership Compass” when you are asked which methodology you want o have a deeper look at:

Free information session Collective Leadership Specialist Programme

1 September 2022
3:00pm - 5:00pm Central European Time (CET)

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