According to the German Transparency Initiative for Civil Societies, the Collective Leadership Institute is commited to disclose relevant information

According to the German Transparency Initiative for Civil Societies the Collective Leadership Institute makes the commitment to disclose information about i.e. the structure of the organization, financial status, and the use of funds. The transparency initiative contains the following 10 points:

1. Name, location, address and founding year

Collective Leadership Institute gGmbH,
Kurfürstenstraße 1,
14467 Potsdam,
Germany Founded: September 2005 (legal form 2005-2015: e.V.)

2. Statute and goals of the organization

Statute (German only);  previous statute (German only)
Stategic plan: You can find more information about our strategic pillars, values and goals under About Us.

3. Tax exemptions

The Collective Leadership Institute is a registered non-profit organisation.

Tax number: 046/125/02248

4. Names and positions of the organization's decision makers

Directors: Elisabeth Kuehn, Martin Fielko
Managing Partners: Dominic Stucker, Heidrun Zoller, Elisabeth Kuehn, Martin Fielko

5. Annual report

You can find our annual reports here. Starting with the annual report of 2012, they are written in accordance with the Social Responsibility Standard (SRS).

6. Personnel structure

Currently the Collective Leadership Institute has ten full time employees and is supported by associates and interns.
Meet the team of the Collective Leadership Institute.

7. Source of funds

You can find the source of our funds in our annual reports.

8. Use of funds

The use of funds is described in detail in our annual reports.

9. Memberships
10. Grants and donations (> 10% of annual income)

Not applicable.

Privacy and data security of this website

For CLI’s guidelines on privacy and data security, please visit the privacy section:

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