Supplementary online material to enhance your experience and increase impact

CLI offers formats of online learning that supplement our trainings or can also be used as resources for individual learning. However, to dive deep into the topics of stakeholder collaboration and collective leadership, we recommend participating in our intensive trainings.

Collective Leadership Compass Tool

To use the compass in your daily life, we developed an online compass tool to navigate complex change. You can access the compass tool for free if you subscribe here:

More information on the compass itself can be found on: The Collective Leadership Compass – How it works.

Virtual Reality Training Centre

The 3D Learnspace is the next generation in virtual education and has been developed by CLI’s cooperation partner WBS to enable meeting online as a group again for additional trainings, and sharing experiences after an in-person course. It creates an online space where course participants can meet and learn just like in real life. It adds gamification aspects that make it fun to use. And, it supports the in-person learning with an engaging and stimulating follow-up experience.

The 3D Learnspace is a paid service which we could offer to everyone: From individual coaching, small group trainings for 6-12 people, up to online events with 40 persons. It needs nothing more than a laptop and a stable internet connection. Feel free to request your individual offer:

For more information on the 3D Learnspace platform, check the more information section below.

Virtual CLI showroom

The 360° showroom is a virtual space to get to know the Collective Leadership Insitute (CLI). It is exclusively illustrated for CLI as imagined office by a lake to reflect the actual location of the German office in Potsdam (Dutch Quarter) but also to reflect some wishful thinking of being close to lakes and rivers.
This room will also change and expand from time to time.

Visit our virtual showroom
Online lectures

In our online academy we run online lectures on the topics of collective leadership and stakeholder collaboration.

All lectures are free and open to everybody interested in our topics.

Check the dates and times of our online lectures or watch past sessions.


Basic knowledge videos about collective leadership and stakeholder collaboration, participants’ feedback to our courses, as well as recordings of our online lectures can be found on Youtube. is a platform for practitioners from the public sector, the private sector, and civil society organisations. You can find online tools (such as the Dialogic Change Model) to learn and apply dialogic change, exchange best practices, or showcase your successes in the stories section..

Many of our platform users, clients, and partners lead the way in pioneering innovative forms of collaboration in their businesses, initiatives, and projects. In the spirit of co-creation, CLI invites you to become part of the community.

Collective Leadership Practitioners Network
CLI Network

CLI Alumni receive regular updates on projects, activities, and courses. CLI has also created an online goup at LinkedIn for interactive exchange within the network and practitioners of Collective Leadership. More information on this network and registration opportunities for this group can be found on LinkedIn.

CLI Digital Projects and Trainings

Find a selection of CLI's digital projects and training offers.

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