Articles with tag "Collective Leadership Compass"

Better Together

Qualifizierungsprogramm für Vereine und Freiwilligeninitiativen in der Entwicklungspolitik, die Kompetenzen im digitalen Dialog und im Aufbau von Partnerschaften erwerben

Transformation Literacy

Collaboration is the pathway to transformation literacy

Leading Transformative Change Collectively

A Practitioner Guide to Realizing the SDGs


Supplementary online material to enhance your experience and increase impact

Intensive Trainings

Building competence in collective leadership and stakeholder collaboration


"DIGIPEER" is a digital peer-learning capacity building program that helps German development NGOs (direct target group) and their international partners implement projects in a more collaborative, effective, and results-oriented manner.

Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

An Emerging Theory and Practice of SDG Implementation

Short Courses

Introductions to collective leadership and stakeholder collaboration

Collective Leadership Hubs Network

Scaling up collaboration skills globally

Certification Programme

Scaling up collaboration capacity globally