Digital Peer-Learning for Civil Society
How can digitalization support stakeholder collaboration processes?

CLI is pleased to announce its new, digital capacity building program for civil society organisations working worldwide in the field of sustainable development.

DIGIPEER” is a digital peer-learning capacity building program that helps German development NGOs (direct target group) and their international partners implement projects in a more collaborative, effective, and results-oriented manner. The programme is funded by Engagement Global on behalf of the Ministry for Development Cooperation (BMZ).

Participants learn about and build their capacities regarding practical development topics, approaches to stakeholder collaboration, and virtual dialogue platforms, including how the latter can be used to improve international cooperation. DIGIPEER started in December, 2019.

Register here for the upcoming Online Seminar and 3D Learnspaces sessions:

Registration for DIGIPEER's third 3D Learnspace Session

The 3D Learnspace Session is for free and open to participants from Civil Society Organisations working in the development cooperation and their international partners. It is structured as a peer group session - so it will take place in tandem, you and your international partner. This will give you the opportunity to work on your own concrete case as a team.
All sessions are held in English and the next session will focus on:

Cultivating a Culture of Learning through the Collective Leadership Compass for Joint Collaboration

Date: October 6, 2020 10 am - 3 pm CEST

Digital Peer-Learning Program for Civil Society - DIGIPEER
Digital Dialogues for Network Building and Collaboration

This CLI study gives an overview of the insights from the interviews and survey, as well as guiding thoughts and an overview of the capacity development programme.

Learning Books
Digipeer Learning Book 1
Engaging people into preparatory conversations and engagement steps for building a cross-sector team

This CLI Digipeer Learning Book gives you an overview of the Aliveness concept, the idea of Collective Leadership and the Container for Change as well as explains the Dialogic Practices. It is based on our first online sessions.

Digipeer Learning Book 2
From the initiating team to an enlivened collaboration eco-system

This CLI Digipeer Learning Book gives you an overview of the concept of Stakeholder Collaboration Eco-Systems and Transformations as well as explains how to use the Collective Leadership Compass to bring aliveness into your work. It is based on our second online sessions.

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DIGIPEER is a digital peer-learning capacity building program funded by Engagement Global Germany on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development to provide know-how for network-based dialogue and collaboration.

DIGIPEER lasts ten months and is based on three online seminars and three 3D peer group sessions. The online seminars are held in zoom. The three 3D peer group sessions take place in a virtual, specially developed learning environment. The further education offers participants knowledge about concepts and methodology for successful dialogue processes with the help of new media as well as exchange of experience about fields of application and use of the new media in their international cooperation processes. During the training, the participants of the 3D peer group sessions work on their own concrete cases from their work context in order to facilitate the transfer of what they have learned into practice. DIGIPEER is designed in English and online. The learners act together in a virtual environment and are supervised by trainers.


On the one hand requirements for participating in online offers have changed considerably in the recent past and digital communication, management and further training opportunities have become more present.

On the other hand coping with everyday life work has become more complex for most civil society actors, inter alias, and thus became difficult to take on presence trainings. In our view, DIGIPEER does not replace face-to-face capacity building, but we understand DIGIPEER as an accompaniment to “present” learning processes.

Who can apply?

The capacity building program offered in DIGIPEER is dedicated to German civil society organizations involved working in development cooperation and also to their international partner organizations.

In the online seminars you can participate as a single representative from your organization or as a team. The 3D peer group sessions take place in tandem, you and your international partner. This will give you the opportunity to work on your own concrete case as a team.

Do I need any prerequisite knowledge?


What do I need?
  • Online Seminars: Participants need a stable internet line with 1.2 Mbps (download and upload)
    bandwidth and a computer or tablet to join the online seminars.
  • 3D Learnspace Sessions: Participants need a computer with Windows 7 or higher and a stable
    internet connection with at least 4 Mbps (DSL 4000) as data rate.
What if I missed a session?

No problem. Just register for the next upcoming online seminar or 3D peer group session. The online seminars are recorded and you can find the latest one here. For additional reading material on the past online seminar, please feel free to contact us.

Are there any costs?

DIGIPEER is funded by Engagement Global. The participation is free of charge for all capacity building events.

How to apply?

We will post the registration links here on our website as soon as our curriculum dates are public. If you want to receive a notification via e-mail please write us.

Do you have a question regarding the registration?