Leading Transformative Change Collectively
A Practitioner Guide to Realizing the SDGs

It is only through collaboration that human societies will be able to address the sustainability challenge the Sustainable Development Goals address.

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

This book is the standard work for every certified Collective Leadership Specialist.

Collective Leadership Hub Initiative
The Book

This book directly helps decision-makers and change agents in companies, NGOs, and government bodies become more proficient in transformative, collaborative change in realizing the SDGs.

This practitioner’s handbook translates a systemic – and enlivening – approach to collaboration into day-to-day work and management. It connects the emerging practice of multi-stakeholder collaboration to easily understandable models, tools, and cases. Numerous, concrete cases not only bring this methodology to life, but also help identify the challenges and avoid common mistakes. The book can be used as a guide to apply a breakthrough approach for navigating the complexity of stakeholder systems, designing results-oriented process architectures, ensuring the success of cross-sector change initiatives, and enlivening collaboration ecosystems for SDG implementation. It is designed to enhance high quality stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and collaboration.

A must-read, the book sets a new standard for the collaborative implementation of Agenda 2030 and is a foundational guide for leading sustainability transformations collectively to achieve climate change mitigation, social integration, equitable value chains, and broad sustainability challenges.

This book is the standard reference material for Collective Leadership Specialists.

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Take a Sneak Peek at the Book
Leading Transformative Change Collectively

Have a look at the flyer of the LTCC book for a quick overview of its contents.

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French Version: Leading Transformative Change Collectively

Acces the French translation of Leading Transformative Change Collectively: A practitioner's guide to realizing the SDGs

Arabic Version: Leading Transformative Change Collectively

Access the Arabic translation of Leading Transformative Change Collectively. A practitioner's guide to realizing the SDGs

The Book Launch

On 2 March 2021, CLI organized a big online book launch event with experts and guests from all over the world.

This was an event for registered guests only. 80 participants from 23 countries joined the live session.


  • 6:00 Welcome and Guidance
  • 6:10 Publishers welcome: Routledge senior editor Rebecca Marsh
  • 6:20 Keynote Dr. Petra Kuenkel “Leading Transformative Change Collectively” – Why we need to expand our capacities in transformation literacy
  • 6:35 Breakout Sessions with the authors and practitioners: What does it mean to lead transformative change in practice?
  • 7:10 Short report back from breakout sessions
  • 7.20 Panel discussion with the authors on major insights from the breakout session including questions and answers: How can we scale the practice of transformative change?
  • 7:45 Outlook
  • 8:00 Closing of book launch

All times mentioned were CET.

You can watch the recording of the keynote speech and the panel discussion here: https://youtu.be/rM7V5ZVPI9c.

Book Launch: Leading Tranformative Change Collectively
The Trainings and Certification

The Collective Leadership Institute developed a Certification Scheme that is based on the contents of the book “Leading Transformative Change Collectively”and which is offered to any individual, who would like to join the network of other collaborative change-makers.

In order to become a Collective Leadership Specialist trainees have to take part in at least three CLI foundation courses:

and learn the CLI methodologies: © Dialogic Change Model and © Collective Leadership Compass, as well as facilitation techniques and/or network stewardship.

CLI Certified Collective Leadership Specialists are able to apply the above- mentioned methodologies successfully in practice. By completing our certification process, Collective Leadership Specialists have proven expertise in designing and invigorating multi-stakeholder initiatives that work to achieve outcomes across the Sustainable Development Goals at all levels.

Being a Collective Leadership Specialist is also a compulsory qualification to become an Accredited Collective Leadership Facilitator and create a Collective Leadership Hub.

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The Authors

Dr. Petra Kuenkel, Executive Committee Member of the Club of Rome and Founder of the Collective Leadership Institute, is a systems psychologist, visionary author, and expert in complex multi-stakeholder collaborations. She drives SDG implementation by scaling-up collective stewardship skills for corporations, public sector, and civil society.

Elisabeth Kühn is an expert in transformative sustainability initiatives that empower civil society actors. As a managing partner at the Collective Leadership Institute, she has worked extensively in facilitating and building capacity for collaboration of change agents in sustainable resource management and good governance.

Dominic Stucker’s passion is engaging multi-stakeholder teams to lead systems transformations for sustainability. As a Donella Meadows Fellow and managing partner at the Collective Leadership Institute, he is an expert dialogic facilitator, systems thinker, and process steward working across borders to help realize the SDGs.

Douglas F. Williamson is a managing partner at the Collective Leadership Institute, an education, facilitation, and sustainability communications expert, and an award-winning environmental filmmaker. He has substantial experience in working with international environmental NGOs, the United Nations University, and the US EPA’s Climate Change Division.

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