Transformation Literacy Conference week
2023 Theme: Governance and Democracy
24 April 2:00 pm — 28 April 2023 4:30 pm

- 3 conference days (24, 26, 28 April)
- online networking opportunities
- free of charge for ticket holders
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The case for change

Human activity is exceeding planetary boundaries, the very systems that make life on Earth possible. Food, water, and energy systems are threatened, as well as healthcare, education, and social services, and democracy, justice, and peace.
The recent Club of Rome’s report ‘Earth4All’ makes a strong and clear case: The necessary turnarounds for a sustainable and regenerative future are still possible, but require trust-based governance processes and structures that focus on societal wellbeing and equity as a basis for transformation.
Our Transformation Literacy Conference sessions focus on how different transformative change efforts make a decided contribution to inclusive and participatory governance – serving the diversity of interconnected sustainability goals we seek to realize for life on planet Earth.

Sessions 24 - 28 April

Monday, 24 April 2023 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET (TLC welcome session at 1:30pm)

Narratives and Metrics:
How can we tell stories and integrate metrics in our sustainability initiatives that contribute to good governance and democracy?

Our first day together explores how visions for the future, inspiring narratives, and progress measurements can contribute to embedding values of inclusivity, social equity, democracy, and good governance into our transformative change initiatives. Key questions discussed are: How can narratives of transformative change initiatives foster inclusive engagement and social solidarity? How can our indicators and progress measurements reflect the values of inclusive societies?

Narratives and Metrics

Meet our speakers:

Maria Amália Souza
Founder and Strategic Development Director Fundo Casa Socioambiental / CASA Socio-Environmental Fund

"Directly financing community-based organisations: CASA’s approach for using metrics to tell stories of impact"

Learn more about Maria
Carol Mutiso
Project Officer with the Western Indian Governance Initiative (WIOGI) German Development Cooperation (GIZ) Kenya

"Enlivening “Our Blue Future:” A transformation network for a sustainable blue economy in the Western Indian Ocean"

Learn more about Carol
Doreen Simuyu
Network Coordinator South West Indian Ocean Tuna Forum (SWIOTUNA)

"Enlivening “Our Blue Future:” A transformation network for a sustainable blue economy in the Western Indian Ocean"

Learn more about Doreen
Gwendolyn VanSant
CEO and Founding Executive Director of Multicultural BRIDGE

"Narratives and metrics to counter systems of oppression and move toward inclusive democracy for all"

Learn more about Gwendolyn

Wednesday, 26 April 2023 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET

Innovation and Regulations:
How can we ensure that our innovative initiatives integrate trust building, wellbeing, and equity in decisionmaking processes?

The second day focuses on our drive for innovation and explores how we can ensure attention and resource allocation for social equity. We explore how creative pilots and prototypes can be both technologically and socially innovative, uplifting social standards and guiding regulations. Key questions discussed are: How can new technologies and pilot projects also integrate social innovations? How can social standards and regulations be promoted through innovative approaches?

Innovation and Regulations

Meet our speakers:

Rilli Lappalainen
Director Sustainable Development at Fingo and Chair of BRIDGE 47

"Innovation for Global Citizenship Education in Europe"

Learn more about Rilli
Yvonne Waweru
Senior Advisor, Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

"Innovative Approaches for Co-Developing Regional Ocean Governance and Information Management Strategies for the Western Indian Ocean"

Learn more about Yvonne
Dr. Tim Andrew
Senior Programme Manager, Nairobi Convention Secretariat United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

"Innovative Approaches for Co-Developing Regional Ocean Governance and Information Management Strategies for the Western Indian Ocean"

Learn more about Tim
Arun Venkatesan
Co-founder and CEO Villgro USA

"Investing and incubating for innovation: Building trust and equity in the social impact ecosystem"

Learn more about Arun

Friday, 28 April 2023 – 2:00 – 4:00pm CET (wrap-up session until 4:30pm)

Governance and Structures:
How can we steward collective processes and build representative dialogue structures in diverse and challenging governance realities?

Our last day together looks at particularly challenging contexts for democracy and governance. We ask how we can pursue collective and equitable approaches in our transformative change efforts in social and political contexts that espouse contrary values. Key questions discussed are: How can we model collaborative approaches to decision-making in social and political systems that espouse contrary values? How can we build networks across diverse communities, countries and cultures that embody collaborative and equitable approaches?

Governance and Structures

Meet our speakers:

Bruce Goldstein
Associate Professor in the Program in Environmental Design University of Colorado Boulder

"Transformation Practitioners: From personal to systems aliveness."

Learn more about Bruce
David Manuel-Navarrete
Associate Professor in Sustainability Arizona State University

"Transformation Practitioners: From personal to systems aliveness."

Learn more about David
Manuel Rojas Oyarzo
Chief of Staff, Policy Advisor German Bundestag

"Energy security and climate neutrality in Germany: How can we engage citizens and the environment in dialogue and governance?"

Learn more about Manuel
Dr. Anke Giesen
Board member MEMORIAL International and MEMORIAL Deutschland e.V.

"Civil society structures and governance in the context of repressive regimes"

Learn more about Anke
Maryana Zaviyska
Independent Facilitator and Consultant Ukraine

"Collaboration across societal levels for democracy and good governance in Ukraine"

Learn more about Maryana

Each of the 2h conference sessions is interactive and follows this structure:

  • Framing by CLI
  • Inspiration from the network: practitioners, partners, donors
  • Discussion
  • Networking in the online event space

An in-person event in Potsdam, Germany, on 21 April evening will kick-off the Transformation Literacy Conference 2023 and share stories of transformation and a special surprise for invited guests. If you receive an invitation, please reserve your ticket soon, as places are limited.

Transformation Literacy Conference 2023: Kick-off in Potsdam 21 April
The CLI Transformative Partnership Award

CLI fills the gap of prizes that still award purely results, rather than the development of quality processes and methods towards sustainable results. Process and system skills for partnerships are a key competence that strengthens resilience, and that shows sustainable solutions to the complex goals of the 2030 Agenda.
Therefore, feel free to learn more and apply for the Transformative Partnership Award.

Learn more about the Award


  • Learn more about Transformation Literacy in the context of Governance and Democracy
  • Get to know experts and practitioners and explore their findings
  • Connect with high-profile professionals from the civil society-, public-, private-, and research sector
  • Develop your network for strategizing transformative change (we expect up to 500 conference participants during the TLC week 2023)
  • Contribute to SDG implementation and the systemic change from dominator to partnership models.
Meet your conference host Elisabeth
Executive Director and Senior Project Manager at CLI Germany

Your conference co-host will be Elisabeth Kuehn.

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What participants said last year

Quotes from the 2022 TLC edition

“Very inspiring and so relevant for the very necessary transformation we need on a global level.” Consultant, Germany

“Very incredible conference! Thank you so much for this inspiring talk!” Director, USA

“Thanks for organising this, providing a platform for those in the frontline to make a difference in local communities.” Activist, UK/Zimbabwe

“Today’s session is a confirmation that a different way is possible but we have to co-create it.” Facilitator, South Africa

“Thank you for all the learnings and new discoveries!! Programme Manager, Germany

“I am a strong advocate of innovation, and I applaud the thinking and work we’ve heard about today.” Consultant, USA

“Thanks for all, happy to participate in this rich gathering.” Advisor, Egypt

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