The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration – online for Asia: South East Asia time zone (ICT)
Designing Processes for Achieving Common Goals
24 November 10:00 am — 29 November 2022 5:00 pm

- 4 days of online-training
- core methodology: CLI Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: € 350 per online presence day
Registration status: OPEN

Stakeholder Collaboration has been recognised as critical to finding solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration is the foundation course to the Collective Leadership Institute’s Skills Development Programme. In this course module, you will build your strategic abilities and implementation skills in stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and collaboration processes for high impact solutions.

Your key take-aways:

  • Learn how to successfully implement stakeholder collaboration through the application of the Dialogic Change Model
  • Understand the business case for co-creative stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how collective intelligence, commitment, and ownership can emerge
  • Produce a stakeholder network map to prioritise engagement activities
  • Develop new engagement strategies to minimise unproductive conflict and a methodology to create sustainable partnerships


Language of instruction: ENGLISH. For groups of at least six persons we offer free simultaneous interpretation of plenary sessions into KHMER.


The training schedule for online presence days is:

24 November: Concept and Form of Stakeholder Dialogues

25 November: Exploring and Engaging for Stakeholder Dialogues

28 November: Building and Formalizing Stakeholder Dialogues

29 November: Implementing and Evaluating Stakeholder Dialogues, Sustaining and Expanding Impact

Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“Starting a multi-stakeholder collaboration or complex initiative – well worth enrolling on this course!” – Head of regional NGO programme, Cambodia/Thailand/Myanmar

“It helps raising awareness of the importance on working with stakeholders smoothly and how to go there.” – Team Leader, Indonesia

“Very engaging! Gained additional skills.” – Deputy Director, Cambodia

“It is one of the best trainings and facilitators I have ever had. They are so knowledgeable and understanding. It is useful and something I can apply into my work.” – Project Manager, Cambodia

“Useful and innovative approach to lead a impactful stakeholder dialogue.” – Technical Advisor, Indonesia


If you want to explore the Art of Stakeholder Collaboration in more detail and ask your questions on the course in advance, feel free to register for the Free information session Collective Leadership Specialist Programme (below) and choose “the Dialogic Change” when you are asked which methodology you want o have a deeper look at:

Free information session Collective Leadership Specialist Programme

22 March 2022
4:00pm - 6:00pm South East Asia Time (ICT)

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The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration
24, 25, 28, 29 November (4 days of online presence)
EUR 350 per online presence day