The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration – Potsdam / online
Designing Processes for Achieving Common Goals
30 June 9:00 am — 8 July 2020 4:00 pm

- 4 modules of online-training
- core methodology: CLI Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: € 425 per module
Registration status: CLOSED

Stakeholder Collaboration has been recognised as critical to finding solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration is the foundation course to the Collective Leadership Institute’s Skills Development Programme. In this course, you will build your strategic abilities and implementation skills in stakeholder engagement, dialogue, and collaboration processes for high impact solutions.

Your key take-aways:

  • Learn how to successfully implement stakeholder collaboration through the application of the Dialogic Change Model
  • Understand the business case for co-creative stakeholder engagement
  • Learn how collective intelligence, commitment, and ownership can emerge
  • Produce a stakeholder network map to prioritise engagement activities
  • Develop new engagement strategies to minimise unproductive conflict and a methodology to create sustainable partnerships


+++ Important information for all course participants +++

Please consider our new policy on the open courses: Trainings announced for May 2020 or later on will take place at the mentioned dates!

It is not feasible to conduct this training on-site due to travel restrictions and prohibition of events. Therefore, it will be done online. Registrations remain valid. Please do the online-check-in with us in advance to get used to the online platform and to have an excellent CLI training experience. See our online learning section for more information on our online learning offers.


The online training will be delivered in four modules:

30 June: Concept and Form of Stakeholder Dialogues

1 July: Exploring and Engaging for Stakeholder Dialogues

7 July: Building and Formalizing Stakeholder Dialogues

8 July: Implementing and Evaluating Stakeholder Dialogues, Sustaining and Expanding Impact

Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“Great course; offers food for thought; feed forward and gains in awareness really make a difference in every day life.” – Managing Director, Germany

“I would recommend this course to change the concept of stakeholders collaboration.” – Regional Hub Manager, Ukraine

“In post conflict societies it provides knowledge, skills and tools essential to creating inclusive societies and fostering development.” – Executive Director, Liberia

“Collective leadership tools make the understanding of common goals and values easy and vivid.” – Freelancer, Uzbekistan

“It is suitable for various contexts and it definitely equips colleagues with complementary skills and tools with regard to their general professional skills.” – Advisor, Germany

“This course tells you a lot about yourself and human nature, it helps you to structure and plan more wisely and gives you the right tools for it.” – Programme Manager, Poland

“I would recommend this course because everybody is somehow exposed to any sort of stakeholder collaboration.” – Managing Director and Founder, Switzerland


The Art of Stakeholder Collaboration
30 June - 8 July 2020 (4 modules)
EUR 425 per module