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Solidarity statements

CLI envisions a world in which inclusion and equitable collaboration are universally embraced and practiced. When violent conflict erupts, it is evidence of the urgency of our work.

We have crafted specific statements to express our deep regret about the violent conflicts in the Levant and in Ukraine/Russia. These are two conflicts that are directly affecting some of our closest organisational friends and partners. We know that these are not the only conflict zones around the world that deserve our attention.

We will continue to collaborate with diverse partners around the world until a time when these types of statements can be deleted from our website. We know that time will come only when societies and their governments choose life-enhancing collaboration instead of life-denying competition and violence.

We invite you to read our statements, and if you would like to work with us to foster collaboration, cooperation, and peace through dialogue, we would love to hear from you.

We condemn the violence in the Levant

As the Collective Leadership Institute, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel. We stand in solidarity with the people who have been hurt by this ongoing conflict who continue to show up every day for peace. Humankind is once again experiencing a flashpoint in religion, politics and national identity. There is only one way to create lasting peace; by recognizing the very essential humanity of the ‘other’, and building partnerships grounded in that humanity. Across borders, sectors, religions, social groups, and generations, it takes all of us to preserve the community of life and to create a vibrant, equitable, and regenerative world for present and future generations. We call on all decision-makers, politicians, civil society and non-governmental managers, activists, and citizens globally to honour the humanity of all stakeholders and engage in all non-violent measures to bring peace to Israel, Palestine and the world.

Published by CLI managing partners on 18 October 2023

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. As the Collective Leadership Institute, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the war in Ukraine. Humanity is facing major global challenges of climate change, socio-economic inequities, and democratic governance. These challenges must be addressed through partnership – across borders, sectors, levels, social groups, and generations. It takes all of us to preserve the community of life and to create a vibrant, equitable, and regenerative world for present and future generations. We therefore call on all decision-makers, politicians, managers, activists, and citizens globally to take all – absolutely all – non-military measures to stop the war in Ukraine.

Published by CLI managing partners on 3 March 2022

Stand with Ukraine donations

+++ Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we provide possibilities to donate for organisations that support directly with humanitarian aid here. For information how to support the work of CLI, please look further below. +++



Dear friends of CLI,

We are sad, shocked, and concerned about what is happening in Ukraine. In this wonderful country, where we have met impressive people in projects over the past few years, and with whom we have had the privilege of working to build a committed civil society. This brutal war and aggression brings an incredible amount of suffering and destroys a lot, but the commitment to fight for democracy and freedom remains.

We are deeply concerned for our colleague Maryana and her family in Kyiv, and support their tireless commitment in many ways.

We ask for your support: Our friends from action medeor e.V. are professionals in the supply of crisis regions with medicines and medical material. We have already worked on joint projects in Africa. We therefore ask you to urgently support action medeor’s work with donations!

You can donate quickly and easily on the action medeor e.V. website

“Many thanks to our friends from CLI for their support. What started as a partnership in Africa is now being continued in Ukraine. We are united by the goal of helping people.” – Christoph Bonsmann, member of the board and head of the medicines department at action medeor

We thank you very much for your support. Let us send a variety of signs of solidarity in Europe and the world. For a world in partnership and unity in its diversity, without war.

The CLI Team

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<<For Germans: please find the following text in German below. Your donation can be set off against tax liability – “Spenden sind von der Steuer absetzbar.”>>

Unterstützung für die Ukraine

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde des CLI,

wir sind traurig, fassungslos und betroffen über all das, was in der Ukraine passiert. In diesem wunderbaren Land, in dem wir in den letzten Jahren in Projekten beeindruckende Menschen kennenlernen und mit denen wir am Aufbau einer engagierten Zivilgesellschaft arbeiten durften. Dieser brutale Angriffskrieg bringt unfassbar viel Leid und zerstört vieles, aber der Zusammenhalt und das Engagement für Demokratie und Freiheit zu kämpfen, bleiben.

Wir sind voller Sorge um unsere Kollegin Maryana und ihre Familie in Kiew und unterstützen deren unermüdliches Engagement auf vielfältige Weise.

Wir bitten Euch um Eure Unterstützung: Unsere Freunde von action medeor e.V. sind Profis in der Versorgung von Krisenregionen mit Medikamenten und medizinischen Material. Wir haben bereits in Afrika an gemeinsamen Projekten gearbeitet. Daher bitten wir Euch, unterstützt action medeors Arbeit dringend durch Spenden!

Spenden könnt ihr ganz schnell und unproblematisch auf der Webseite von action medeor e.V.

„Vielen Dank unseren Freunden vom CLI für ihre Unterstützung. Was als partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit in Afrika begann, wird nun in der Ukraine fortgesetzt. Uns vereint das Ziel, Menschen zu helfen.“ – Christoph Bonsmann, Mitglied des Vorstands und Leiter der Medikamentenabteilung bei action medeor

Wir danken Euch sehr für Eure Unterstützung. Lasst uns in Europa und der Welt vielfältige Zeichen der Solidarität setzen. Für eine Welt in Partnerschaft und Einigkeit in ihrer Vielfalt, ohne Krieg.

Das CLI Team

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Jetzt für die Ukraine spenden!

Die Spenden kommen direkt in Krankenhäusern vor Ort an.

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Medicine is packed for Ukrainian hospitals (c) action medeor

Other resources and links:


General Information – Ukrainian Charities: a guide for international supporters (external link)


Ukrainian humanitarian aid:

To support Ukrainian medics and paramedics directly – no own website, but international bank codes here 

Vostok SOS – all information here

Voices of Children – all information here

Medical Aid and Humanitarian Relief for Front Line – all information here


German humanitarian aid for Ukraine:

Humedica – all information here

Action Medeor – all information here

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It is a great joy for me to be able to support the work you do at Collective Leadership Institute to help make the world a more connected place.

Christa Lancaster, on behalf of the Still Point Foundation
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Our vision is to empower future-oriented people to lead collectively towards a sustainable future. We believe in the principle of cooperation and collectively created solutions – across sectors, institutions, nations, and cultures.

With our Collective Leadership Academy, our Transformation Stewardship, our Collective Leadership Hubs Network, and our Research and Thought Leadership, we build competence for sustainability. We empower leaders who anchor their actions in the concern for the greater good and the future of humankind on this planet – for responsible business, people-oriented public service, and a strong civil society.

Through our work, many people experience the force of collective culture that has empowered and inspired them to foster Collective Leadership in their own projects around the world. Collective culture motivates us to be more conscious of ourselves, our partners, and our colleagues and helps us to understand the complex systems and interconnections behind our actions. Through it, we increase our understanding of the wholeness behind our co-creation and enable ourselves to see the many possibilities for reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and make the Agenda 2030 a reality.

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Our children deserve a better world than the one we have inherited from our parents and grandparents, therefore we urgently need to disseminate our knowledge and knowhow for sustainable development. Towards this end, we’ve been facilitating courses, explaining models and tools, and creating the necessary mind shift towards sustainability. It’s time to scale up this work significantly and we need your help.

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Let’s do this together. Do it because Collective Leadership creates responsibility and a vision of FUTURE POSSIBILITIES, it builds up ENGAGEMENT toward effective collaboration ecosystems. Through INNOVATION we can create intelligent solutions to overcome hurdles. Collective Leadership increases empathy and HUMANITY between people, to enjoy diversity and COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE to be able to envision WHOLENESS by seeing the larger picture and staying connected to the common good.

Help us to bring people together and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


the CLI Team

Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.

Roy T. Bennett

CLI’s own investment in collaboration skills is the annual Transformative Partnership Award. The prize recognizes exceptional multi-stakeholder partnerships in the world. It focuses on methods and skills that drive transformative change through a multi-stakeholder approach and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

The winning project is warded EUR 10,000 for advancing its project activities, places 2 and 3 get free training support by CLI. Even those who do not make it to the podium profit from visibility campaigns and networking opportunities among nominated projects. A Transformative Partnership Award ceremony takes place each year in Potsdam, Germany, in April, as part of CLI’s Transformation Literacy Conference.

If you are a non-profit organisation, feel free to learn more how to apply for the award below.

If you are a donor and want to support this Award, learn more below and feel free to contact us for details of an Award partnership:

The CLI Transformative Partnership Award

CLI fills the gap of prizes that still award purely results, rather than the development of quality processes and methods towards sustainable results. Process and system skills for partnerships are a key competence that strengthens resilience, and that shows sustainable solutions to the complex goals of the 2030 Agenda.
Therefore, feel free to learn more and apply for the Transformative Partnership Award.

Learn more about the Award
Calls for donations

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You can also find a CLI profile with all projects on the website of our partner


Do you have an own project on sustainable development that needs support in form of a CLI crowdfunded scholarship? Feel free to fill in the application form. You will get a first response within 1-2 weeks.

Daniela from Red Impacto Latam Project at flipchart
Red Impacto Latam: COVID-19 Innovativions in Latin America

Country: Bolivia + Latin America region

Project time: April – December 2021

Sector(s): private sector, civil society

Main SDGs: 1 No Poverty, 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, 17 Partnerships

Beneficiaries: 1 CLI Scholar Daniela Bolivar Rosales, 60 social entrepreneurs, 1,000 employees and community members

Project impact in a nutshell:  With your donation Daniela will have the chance to build a regional network of social entrepreneurs in Latin America. This will support innovative solution for COVID-19 countering in Latin America.

Requested amount: EUR 1,150

Clean Water for Healthy Communities in Cambodia

Country: Cambodia

Project time: April – December 2017

Sector(s): civil society, public sector

Main SDGs: 6 Clean Water, 17 Partnerships

Beneficiaries: 9 CLI Scholars, 3 civil society organisations, 100,000 people with new access to toilets

Project impact in a nutshell:  With the donation the scholars had the chance to learn stakeholder collaboration skills. By applying these skills in practice, they had the chance to scale-up their initiatives, involve more stakeholders, and give more people in Cambodia access to clean water and sanitation.

Funded amount: USD 12,000

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We are a registered non-profit organisation with tax-ID 046/125/02248 according to German law and therefore can provide you with a donation receipt for tax deduction. If you are based outside Germany, please check with your tax office whether German donation receipts are accepted.

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Every donation is welcome! And it is of course dependent on what you want to achieve with it. E.g. if you want to support people to participate in our trainings who cannot afford it themselves, check our Collective Leadership Academy section for typical fees.

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Once we receive a donation, we will confirm it and send a donation receipt (if requested). If you want to target your donation to a specific project, please check the open calls for donations section here or get in touch with us in advance: This is the best way to communicate directly what will happen with your funds. And we will always include donors and projects in our annual reports section.

  • What will be the impact of my donation?

Scaling-up collaboration skills to make the world a better place. We know that this is quite abstract, so please get in touch with us ( if you want to make it more concrete. Do you know a project or initiative where the important skill of collaboration is missing? Does a specific sector in your country need transformation where collective action is essential? Do you know dedicated individuals in civil society whose work could create a crucial impact and who could scale their work with a scholarship for our training programmes? Even if you have no concrete idea yet, you can get inspired by our calls for donations or projects, e.g. Clean Water for Healthy Communities Scholarship in Cambodia.

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