The Art of Transformative Change – hybrid course (you can choose to participate in-person in Potsdam and/or online at CET)
Stewarding Networks for Systems Impact
16 December 9:00 am — 19 December 2024 3:00 pm

- 4 days of online-training
- core methodologies: CLI Collective Leadership Compass and Dialogic Change Model
- tuition fee: € 2,000 in-person, € 1,500 online
Registration status: OPEN

Course description
  • Do you need to build large cross-institutional or international networks to drive transformative change?
  • Do you need to diagnose complex systems of actors and identify entry points for change?
  • Do you need to design a “Theory of Change” that captures multi-level interventions?

If so, The Art of Transformative Change course module will help you to design and implement strategies for impactful networks of change-makers and future-oriented organizations. It equips dedicated change stewards in public, private, and civil society organisations with tools for driving systems change in networks. Understanding the collaboration catalysts and transformation enablers will help you stewarding collaborative networks for systems impact.


  • Diagnose your system of actors and identify entry points for transformation
  • Define key action steps to set up a thriving network of actors
  • Develop your network journey for strategizing transformative change around the six transformation enablers for sustainability
  • Use the collaboration catalysts to track your progress and adjust your strategies.
  • Apply learned methodologies to your real case during the course
  • Use the © Collective Leadership Compass to develop a transformative “Theory of Change”.


The training schedule for online presence days is:

16 December: Understanding transformation networks
17 December: Assessing the potential for transformation networks
18 December: Process architectures for building transformation networks
19 December: Theories of Change for transformation networks


+++ Important information +++

This training is planned as a hybrid event – both in-person participation in Potsdam, Germany, and online participation at Central European Time (CET) are possible. Please choose your format when you register.

CLI reserves the right to change an in-person participation into an online participation if you do not get your visa on time or other short-term notice reasons prevent you from coming to the course venue. Furthermore, the same applies if new pandemic situations occur that do not allow your participation on-site. Registrations remain valid in any of the cases given. We will come back to you individually in such situations and find the best possible solutions together.

Facilitator and Participants
Meet your facilitator Dominic
Managing Partner and Lead Faculty at CLI

You can rely on the deep expertise of CLI facilitators when participating an open course module. This course will be facilitated by Dominic Stucker.

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Participants' feedback

Voluntary statement in our course feedback form

“The Art of Transformative Change deepened my understanding of sustainable, innovative, transformative change in a really big way!” Freelance Consultant, South Africa

“If you were searching for entry points on how to connect the dots for sustainable development, this is the training you should participate.” NGO Director, Germany

“Great people, great learning experience, very well done. Chapeau!” Team Leader Development Cooperation, Albania

“It was stimulating and insightful!” Project Advisor, South Africa

“This training was very enjoyable and constructive. Gave me a lot of thoughts to go through.” Programme Coordinator at a Foundation, Netherlands

Course impressions:

The Art of Transformative Change
Potsdam (Berlin area), Germany - EUR 2,000
or: Online at CET - EUR 1,500
16 - 19 December 2024

Registration deadline: 11 November 2024 (in-person participants, for online participants we accept registrations until 25 November)

Click on the blue button “get this course” and register with your name and details. Course registrations are binding. You accept CLI’s general terms and conditions for the certification programme.


Do you still have questions on this course? Feel free to contact Martin Fielko directly, or join our upcoming free information session:

Free information session Collective Leadership Specialist Programme

5 September 2024
2:00pm - 4:00pm Central European Time (CET)

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The Art of Transformative Change
Potsdam (Berlin area), Germany - EUR 2,000
or: Online at CET - EUR 1,500
16 - 19 December 2024